Xiaomi Jeeback G2-1 TENS Pulse Neck Massager

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Xiaomi Jeeback G2-1 TENS Pulse Neck Massager
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Xiaomi Jeeback G2-1 TENS Pulse Neck Massager
Xiaomi Jeeback G2-1 TENS Pulse Neck Massager

$75.84 $53.99



● TENS Pulse Massage
Using the TENS low-frequency pulse principle to simulate three major massage techniques, kneading, scraping, acupuncture and automatic circulation mode. 3 large massage techniques combined with 15 levels of strength to meet the needs of a variety of neck care
● L-Shaped Balance Wear
The L-shaped front-end drooping neck fits closer together, moving the core parts of the product to the front end, and the center of gravity moves forward without pressing the neck pulsation, which not only prevents the equipment from slipping, but also ensures that the massage piece and the neck fit closer together.
● 360°Omnidirectional Floating Massage Head
Responding to the neck contours of different groups of people, the G2 is equipped with 3 massage heads, each with a 360° floating applicator system, which maintains a good skin massage effect under free action.
● 83 Times Deep Massages Per Minute
3 massage head wrapping design, deep massage more areas of the neck, positive poles on both sides of the middle and negative poles, no matter how the user shakes, at least one side of the positive and negative poles can be connected, very convenient to use

Package Includes:

1 x Neck Massager
1 x Remote Controler












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