Xiaomi Aigo 15.5W USB Type-C Fast Charging Cube

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Xiaomi Aigo 15.5W USB Type-C Fast Charging Cube
$23.99 $17.99

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Xiaomi Aigo 15.5W USB Type-C Fast Charging Cube
Xiaomi Aigo 15.5W USB Type-C Fast Charging Cube

$23.99 $17.99



1.Charging for an hour can charge 55% of the electricity.
2.USB single port support 5V 2.4A fast charging / Type-C single port support 5V 3A.
3.Multifunctional interface is rich and comprehensive, but the volume is only 1/3 of the traditional socket.
4.Built-in smart chip, can self-identify charging equipment, match the appropriate current, protect equipment from harm.
5. Microelectronic switch, a light press can be cut off, eliminating repeated the trouble of insertion and pull out. Built-in blue soft light indicator, a clear working state.
6.The shell is made of high-quality PC material and tested by 750C h-wire. It has a strong load capacity. Used safely and no fever, which meets the national safety flame retardant standard and effectively evades potential fires hazards.
7.Stable and durable. The inner core is made of high-quality copper with good elasticity, strong conductivity, stable current output, and protect electrical equipment. 5000 times normal insert and pull out is still tight and not loose so that the service life is longer.
8.The combined hole is equipped with an independent protective door. The opening of the single hole requires a force above 75N and the zero-wire and fires-wire to be inserted at the same time, this prevents other objects from entering and accidental electric shock.
9.3D integrated structure, compact body to expand more interfaces. Supporting type-c interface x1, USB interface x2, national standard combination hole x3 charging mode, plug can be used at the same time without mutual interference. The desktop is more clean and tidy

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