Smart4u SH55M Walkie Talkie SOS Alert Light Cycling Helmet

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Smart4u SH55M Walkie Talkie SOS Alert Light Cycling Helmet
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Smart4u SH55M Walkie Talkie SOS Alert Light Cycling Helmet
Smart4u SH55M Walkie Talkie SOS Alert Light Cycling Helmet

$102.55 $76.38



1. Smart4u SH55M Black Helmet designed for Xiaomi e-scooters Smart and Safe Cycling Helmet. Take the initiative to
keep you safe- Bluetooth Phone- Stereo Speaker- Smart LED lighting- SOS Alert- Walkie-Talkie Bluetooth Phone – One Button Answer
2. With a built-in Bluetooth 4.1 high sensitivity wireless module, wind-resistant microphone for clear conversation at a maximum speed of 25km/h, you are capable os answering or hanging up phone calls with one click on the Bling jet mounted on the handlebar of the bike.
The stereo speaker provides you with a pleasant and safe riding. Two stereo speakers are installed on both sides of the helmet, a safe and pleasant riding guaranteed with high fidelity music and audible surroundings.
3. 6 LED Warning Lighting Beans with Patented Concealed Designit is the 6 high-brightness LED warning lighting beans,
patented silk-screen printing concealed light-transmitting design, as well as a visual distance over 150 meters that makes this smart helmet a safe companion in the late night.
4. SOS Trigger in the event of an accident with a built-in 3-axis gravitational acceleration sensor, and a unique patented algorithm for real-time cycling monitoring, SOS alert will be automatically triggered in the event of an accident and intermediate notification will be sent to your emergency contacts along with a GPS location
5. Connecting Riding APP for a Smarter Helmet through the BLE technology, functions such as Walkie-Talkie,
Smart LED lighting, tracks record, and cycling trip sharing is available for cyclists by running the riding APP. Extra Long Endurance for Long-distance Cycling.
6. This helmets adopts a built-in 450mAh super large polymer battery. 15 hours for warning lights only and 4 to 8 hours of music plus warning lights. It makes a great companion for long-distance riding.
7. Integrated Molding for superior impact resistance the helmet shell is made of PC (polycarbonate), and the helmet body employs imported PSI-205T high-density EPS (polystyrene foam_ energy-absorbing materials.
8. With an integral molding of external and internal layers, it dramatically strengthens the helmet impact resistance for safer daily journeys on the road; In addition, 13-ventilation channels plus adsorptive capacity designs make the helmet more airy and comfortable for riding.

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