Feiyu 4K Anti-Shake 6-Axis Pocket Action Camera Gimbal

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Feiyu 4K Anti-Shake 6-Axis Pocket Action Camera Gimbal
$299.00 $159.00

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Feiyu 4K Anti-Shake 6-Axis Pocket Action Camera Gimbal
Feiyu 4K Anti-Shake 6-Axis Pocket Action Camera Gimbal

$299.00 $159.00



● Super Small and real pocket-size make it easily put into the pocket. Real Small but powerful
● Only weight 115 grams, light as Gopr0.
● Recording Ultra HD 4K@60FPS solution, up to 120M Max. bit rate, to create a real 4k video.
● Sony CMOS sensor with 6 layer glass lenses, up to FOV 120゚and 1.62μm single pixel, easily get Ultra-wide sight.
● 6 axis Hybrid stabilization helps you get stable HD footage.
● 1.3” inch touch control to easily switch working mode and camera settings.
● Quick autofocus feature with zero delays Shoot at any time.
● With 360°POV all follow mode and 2 kinds of basic follow mode, and max. speed up to 180°/s allows you to fast follow as you wish.
● Static/Track timelapse/Hyperlapse, several auto-panorama mode, and max. 8x slow motion to achieve an intelligent shooting way.
● Connect APP with WIFI to get a real-time footage preview and remote control.
● Intelligent Sync Motion feature based on APP, It goes with your hand and gets what you want.
● The built-in beauty mode of the photo helps you easily improve the beauty and share it on the move.
● Equipped with Simplified/traditional Chinese/English/Japanese/Czech, offer a better user experience in different areas (will update more language later).
● Extremely long battery life up to 4.5hours, working with max. storage 512G lasts half a day or even longer.
● With a 1/4 inch thread hole on the bottom, it allows you to adapt more accessories.

 Package Included:

●  1 x Feiyu Pocket New Smart Compact HD 4K 120 Degree Wide Angle 6-Axis Stabilized Handheld Gimbal Handheld Camera

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