Must Have Xiaomi Products for Women

Xiaomi is conquering the world. It is one of the largest electronic companies in the world and compete with the likes such as Samsung, Apple and others. In fact, this company started off as a smartphone manufacturer. But now, it has ventured into various electronic products and non-electronic products as well. Frankly, some of their products are absolutely fantastic. Check out our list of must-have Xiaomi products for women for all details.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steaming Oven

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steaming Oven was one of Xiaomi’s latest crowdfunding projects. Not only does this compact steam oven come with smart features but it also has a 1200W high power evaporator that can generate uniform dense steam that can cook your food in record time. It’s one of the Best Xiaomi Products you MUST own. It can start generating steam within 30 seconds and keep going for 120 minutes without any issues on a single addition of water. That’s right, you’ll have to add water to this amazing product for it to work. This steam cooking system can easily help prepare pizza and even meat.

It has a relatively large capacity of 30L that is divided into three layers of brackets. So, it can save space and help you meet your needs. Especially, if your planning on cooking for vegetarians and meat-eaters at the same time. It also comes with a pull out water lank that helps you flexibly add water to avoid temperature drops. The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Steaming Oven is controlled by a microcomputer. So, it intelligently controls the steam volume and cooking time. Additionally, it has two modes: steaming and baking. Most importantly, it is controlled by the Mijia app.

Xiaomi Mijia EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

This Xiaomi Mijia EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine is probably the most useful products of all time. Not only does it help thoroughly kill harmful viruses and other harmful microbes but it also helps remove all kinds of stains and stubborn marks that have accumulated over time. It’s one of the Best Xiaomi Products you MUST own.  Most importantly, this device is extremely versatile and can be used to clcan various everyday items such as glasses, jewelry, make-up brushes, grooming tools, baby products and really anything that can fit in the box. It is one of the best Xiaomi Youpin Products. However, you should make sure these items are waterproof as this device uses a unique combination of regular tap water, a high-frequency vibration of 45000HZ and a 360- degree stereo cleaning technology to thoroughly remove all types of stains, smudges, bad odor and microbes .

The box is designed to be compact and can hold multiple tiny objects at the same time. Usage is also fairly simple as it only requires the user to fill it water and press the button located on the surface. The ultrasonic vibration forms bubbles by separating the air from the water. These bubbles rupture and cause a force which helps wash the surface of the object. These rupturing bubbles not only effectively remove all the stains but also kill the microbes. Most importantly, it does so without damaging the object itself.

Roidmi NEX 2 Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Roidmi NEX 2 Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is one of the latest Xiaomi products that’s taking the market by storm. This powerful vacuum cleaner not only has a beautiful and ergonomic design but it also has fantastic features that can cut through dirt and debris in matter of seconds. It’s one of the Best Xiaomi Products you MUST own in 2021.

Featuring a futuristic yet minimalistic design scheme this vacuum cleaner functions as both a vacuum and a mop, saving you a lot of time and effort as it requires no extra tools. It also uses modern technology and displays real-time performance and detailed status while cleaning on it’s OLED color screen. This supportive display is extremely clear and vibrant, making it one of the most useful features of this product. . This second-generation Roidmi vacuum cleaner has improved significantly compared to its predecessor. It has a stronger performance, considerably lower noise emission, and longer battery life . It uses a BMS-X 2.0 battery system, which uses 8 LG/Samsung lithium batteries to provide up to 70 minutes of power on a single charge. With respect to the area is can easily last for 450 square meters.

It uses an upgraded Air-X 2.0 technology for efficient air dust separation. Basically, it utilities 8 air tornadoes to separate the dust from the air and transfers it into the collection cup. this reduces suction and power loss. And helps avoid frequent cleaning of the filter.  As mentioned earlier this vacuum cleaner is both a filter and a mop, it is equipped with an all-round roller brush that can deep clean across all floor types. You can even switch from hardwood floors and to carpets without any hassle. The bumpy design of this NEX-V brush can even clean the dirt in the crevices of the floor. This Xiaomi Roidmi Vacuum Cleaner uses Novaron ion antibacterial material to disinfect the floor and prevent epidemics. Most importantly, it has a six-level filtration for effective and deep cleaning.

Xiaomi BUD Juicer

The Xiaomi BUD Juicer is one of the latest products from Xiaomi that’s taking the world by storm. This Xiaomi product is far from your everyday juicer. In fact, itt’s a brilliant appliance that can separate the pomace and juice with astonishing levels of precision. Basically, this juicer wrings out every single drop of juice from the fruit/vegetable. Of course, it also comes with other amazing functionality that makes this product one of the Best Xiaomi Products you MUST own in 2021. The Xiaomi bud Juicer is tough and durable with a beautiful design. It has two channel/shafts that separate the juice and the Pomace. This separation ensures 100% un-contaminated fresh juice. lt’s also extremely easy to clean this Xiaomi device, all you need to do is pour clean water and press the reverse key to automatically clean the juicer. It takes less than 16 seconds.

You can eliminate the complication of cutting fruits with this juicer. Since the Xiaomi Juicer comes with a 78 mm large diameter opening, you can directly insert the whole fruit to save time. But, be sure to wash the fruit before you insert it. The Xiaomi BUD Juicer is equipped with an 8 section spiral graphite shaft that destroys the cell wall of the fruit and squeezes the juice while reducing oxidation. This low oxidation and minimal heat generation function results in the retention of more nutrients and active enzymes that are extremely beneficial for the body. Most importantly, the taste is absolutely brilliant.

Xiaomi Bedside LED Lamp 2

The Xiaomi Bedside LED lamp 2 is one of the latest products from Xiaomi that is truly worth the price. It has a colorful RGB soft light and covers a wide area. It is packed with a bunch of amazing features making it one of the most top selling Xiaomi products of 2021.

This lamp provides a kaleidoscope of colors. You can change your mood to your lighting or match your lighting to your mood. The range of colors and brightness can help you with your sleeping patterns. You can even sync it to your gaming system and it’ll change colors accordingly.

You can set timers and wake up to morning sunlight like brightness. It can also help you sleep with it’s sleep assist feature. It works with Mijia Home app and the Apple home kit. Basically, you can use these to control the light settings and features through your phone or through voice commands.

Eyecare 2 Smart Lamp

The Eyecare 2 Smart Lamp is an amazing smart lamp from the house of Xiaomi. It’s a plain white lamp that blends into any room. It has a bendable structure that can be extended to spread the light. – The Eyecare 2 Smart Lamp has two lights, the primary one and the secondary in the back of the lamp which acts as ambient light. As this is part of Xiaomi Mijia, you can use it with your phone to control the smart lamp. There are features such as timer, remote control and more! Key Features: – Flexible body – Two lights – Since its a smart lamp it can be controlled through your prione or through your voice

Xiaomi Roborock Vacuum

You might have heard of the Roomba. If you haven’t, Roomba is a device, which automatically moves through your house and cleans up any dust that layers your floor. – It has an intelligent Al that controls the Xiaomi Roborock Vacuum. This Al plots the the path and figures out what to clean. It has two hours of battery life and covers up to 250 meters. You also have a user-controlled cleaning option. So, it’s extremely useful products that worth the money. Personally, It’s saved me so much time.

Xiaomi Humidifier

A humidifier is opposite of a dehumidifier. A humidifier makes your home or office more humid. This is perfect for cold and dry places which can make your lips dry, make your skin dry and more. The Xiaomi humidifier adds a bit of water vapur into the air and adds much- needed humidity into your room.  It can humidify a dry room effectively. This dehumidifier can accurately detect indoor temperature so you humidify accordingly.

It has a timing function and also three adjustable gears of fog quantity are designed for meeting different needs. The Xiaomi humidifier has a large capacity water tank which is perfect for daily use. It also has a fantastic supercharging turbine design that pumps out wind easily. And most importantly it emits very little noise.

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