Magnetic Drawer Latch Cabinet Children Security Locks

Magnetic Drawer Latch Cabinet Children Security Locks

Deal Score+29
$10.72 $15.30 Buy It Now
Deal Score+29
$10.72 $15.30 Buy It Now

AliExpress has Magnetic Child Lock Children Protection Baby Safety Lock Drawer Latch Cabinet Door Lock Limiter Children Security Locks (original title) on sale for $10.72 only.

Available Country / Warehouse

✈️ Global sales / 🇨🇳 CN warehouse

Warranty / Tax

Price includes VAT so no extra costs/customs hassle.

Specs / Key Features

The lock itself is attached to the inside of the box. The key, it is also the handle, is detached and you cannot open the lock without it. The set includes 4 locks and one key. You bring the handle and pull the door. It is very convenient for storing documents, money and other things.

Good protection against children who like to climb on closets. When you need dangerous items such as knives, scissors and forks. It is better to hide seemingly harmless things: paints, pencils, felt-tip pens. They can be used to paint the wallpaper in the apartment. In an amicable way, buy several locks with two keys to close a couple of boxes and each family member had a key.

You can even have a whole room, leaving the door without a handle. For example, they closed the room, put the pen in the backpack, and no one will come in without you. You can only replace the handle with a lock, which costs a couple of thousand.

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