Best Xiaomi Products For Men 2021

In recent years, Xiaomi has become one of the most important companies in the Chinese market. Mobiles, shoes, lamps, video cameras: in the catalog of this company you can find everything, and each new product they launch becomes a sales success. In addition, their sales prices are always low and the quality of their products is as good as the one of the most recognized brands in the world. So, Xiaomi products are good and cheap.

And today we will tell you about 17 products made by Chinese giant Xiaomi for men’s health. We’ll talk a little about their features and do a brief analysis of each one. Of course, we’ll also tell you how to find them.

1. Mijia Hair Cut

This new Mijia hair clipper, Mijia Hair Cut, supports five-stage adjustment from 0.5mm to 1.7mm, is equipped with a titanium-coated ceramic knife, is IPX7 waterproof, and has a 2200mAh battery that it can last for 180 minutes. Its powerful engine reaches 6200 rev / min, achieving professional finishes with little effort. It measures 47 x 45 x 182 mm and weighs 266 grams.

2. Xiaomi QiCycle

The Xiaomi QiCycle is an intelligent foldable bicycle. And no, that doesn’t mean it’s full of screens and lights. The technology, in this case, is applied to measuring and optimizing effort. The Xiaomi QiCycle has several sensors that measure wheel revolutions, pedalling power, slope, etc. One of its most interesting features is its automatic gear system. This bike takes the metrics obtained by its sensors and uses them to adapt the gear system, thus optimizing the efforts of the cyclist.

Although this intelligent bicycle is made with components of very good quality, it has not been very successful. At Xiaomi, however, they don’t seem to worry about this: the Xiaomi QiCycle was made in collaboration with 55 other companies, with whom they have many other projects that they have not launched onto the market yet.

3.  Mijia Display Hanging Lamp

It is a lamp designed for the monitor, thus improving the quality of vision in the workplace, helping to improve eye health. What we currently know is that this Mijia monitor pendant light is suitable for desktop or bezel monitors with a thickness of 32mm or less, and is not recommended for use in laptops. The color rendering index reaches Ra90.

It is equipped with a remote control to adjust both brightness and color temperature from 2700K to 6500K. This control works with 2 AAA batteries, reaching an autonomy of almost 2 years. It can be configured via a 2.4 GHz wireless connection, and the display’s pendant light is configured with a USB type C interface.

4. Mijia Sneakers 4

Thanks to the modifications made to the design of the body structure, they have made this new model the lightest of the Mijia sports shoe family. With a manufacturing process of integrated soles, greater comfort is achieved.

The midsole is made of elastic and lightweight materials, with foamed polymers that guarantee greater lightness. It uses 8 resistant high-density straps, a 360º surround locking system. Likewise, it improves the stability of the body of the shoe, leaving the foot firmly fixed in the shoe, regardless of the type of ground. As a novelty, these shoes add Microban to their template, with deodorant and antibacterial elements. Available in 3 colors: black, gray, and blue, with sizes ranging from 39 to 44.

5. Mi Electric Toothbrush T500C

A new model of the famous Xiaomi toothbrush. Judging only by the specifications, it seems that it is not much different from its predecessor T500 which is already on the market. However, the T500C comes standard with 4 heads and a travel case. It incorporates a second-generation sonic magnetic levitation motor, the Vibration frequency can reach 31000 times/min, the noise is lower and the vibration sensation is smaller.

Inductive charging through the wireless charging base, with an autonomy standard battery of 18 days. In terms of smart functions, the exclusive dental cleaning mode you  can customize it via the Mi Home app, such as 10 seconds of toothpaste splash buffer and three additional functions (super whitening, gum care, tongue coating cleaning). When brushes too much, the battery indicator blinks, and the vibration intensity is automatically reduced.

6. Xiaomi MOVE IT Smart Hula Hoop

MOVE IT Smart Hula Hoop  is a smart aerobics hoop . MOVE IT is the same MIOT ecosystem partner that specializes in smart sports equipment. The well-known sports hoop Hula Hoop became another creation of the brand’s engineers.

This model received a classic design, modern materials and a smart component – a set of sensors that track the intensity of training with a hoop. The sensors work from a built-in 180 mAh battery, and the hoop itself is made of foamed polyethylene. The MOVE IT Smart Hula Hoop has a diameter of 980 mm and a thickness of 35 mm. It goes without saying that this sports smart gadget can sync with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

7. Mijia Electric Shaver S300

This is a new electric shaver, simpler than the S500 and the first model. It maintains the design of the previous ones, without any new features. It is a more discreet version in function, perhaps intended for travel. Compatible with IPX7, it supports both dry and wet shaving. Thanks to its long-lasting battery, it reaches an autonomy of up to 60 minutes.

8. Mijia Latex Neck Pillow

This is a Mijia brand neck pillow. Thanks to the material used, natural Thai latex, it has superior strength to other types of latex, and provides soft yet firm support. This pillow uses a neck support design with a 10-12 cm arch. The cover is made of DuPont Sorona fiber and spun cotton, which gives it great softness and great resistance to wear and tear and washing.

9.  PM2.5 Detector

The Xiaomi PM2.5 Detector Air Quality Monitor determines whether the air in the room is of the right quality and, thanks to its intelligent technology, you can  synchronize it with the air purifier to maintain optimum air cleanliness at all times. It is durable, built with high quality ABS. It has a compact size and elegant design, with a black OLED display. The monitor has high-precision laser sensors, so there are no traces of impurities.

10. Ninebot Mini Self Balancing Scooter

New member of Mi Ecosystem: Ninebot mini. Xiaomi invested Ninebot a year ago and Ninebot announced its acquisition of Segway this April. We all know that Ninebot and Segway are the giants in the scooter field. And this one, Ninebot mini, is tailored for Mi fans.

11. Mijia Travel Mini Electric Shaver

Portable razor with dimensions of 92 × 55 × 13.2 mm. for a weight of 100g. Its cutting head is built in Japanese Anlai steel with a hardness above 60HRC, it has USB type C, 5W of power, and a noise level of 65dB. Its motor, also of Japanese technology, is connected under the cutting head and the rotation speed is higher than 7000 rpm. With only 1 charging time, you get up to 90 minutes of autonomy. The blade is easily removable for cleaning since the machine itself does not have any type of protection for water.

12. Xiaomi Runmi Black Multifunctional Bag

As you know, Runmi company knows how to please you with cool quality bags. One of them is the multifunctional Xiaomi Runmi Black, a chest bag whose form factor is so popular among young people. The bag is made of high quality artificial materials, which repel water well, which is quite important. The model is spacious enough – its dimensions are 355 x 90 x 255 mm. In addition, the bag is very practical – it has a zipper of the famous YKK brand, as well as several convenient pockets and compartments. Everything as you like.

13. Amazfit T-Rex Pro

The shape of the Amazfit T-Rex Pro watch and the presence of clearly defined angles reflect the strength and durability of the model. Successfully passed 15 military-grade tests, this watch will ride hot deserts, rainforests and polar glaciers with you. Feel the strength with which you can safely defy the elements . Amazfit T-Rex Pro is an advanced companion for exploring unfamiliar territories, supporting connection to four satellites Global Navigation System System, 10 ATM Water Resistant , Blood Oxygen Measurement System , Tracking weather four, sunrise and sunset times four, display of the current moon phase five, compass and barometric altimeter, ultra-long battery life – 18 days 6in normal use and over 100 different sport modes.

14. Mijia Hand in One Screwdriver

This is a new screwdriver from Mijia, which you can use both electrically and manually. It has an integral design, in black, with high-quality plastics, and with a UV painting process. It weighs 185 grams, making it very handy. Thanks to the 1500 mAh battery it is able to screw or unscrew up to 180 screws with just one full charge. It includes a set of 6 S2 steel tips, which are longer than usual, 50 mm, making it easier to work in places where access is difficult. The screwdriver has several safety measures, in case of overvoltage, excess pressure, short circuit, or excess temperature. It has a light indicator that will warn us when the battery goes below 20%.

15. Mijia Nail Clipper Five Piece Set

This is a 5-piece set, which includes 2 nail clippers, a file, scissors, and a curette for cleaning the ear. The total weight of the set is 104 grams, and it is made of high-quality 420/430 stainless steel, with high resistance to corrosion and great durability. The flat-headed nail clipper, with a micro-curved edge, naturally conforms to the shape of the nail. The oblique nail clipper can easily reach the ends, recesses, or other hard-to-reach areas. The curette adopts a curved surface design, for precise and thorough ear canal cleaning. The edges are finely polished to avoid accidental damage to the inner wall of the ear.

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