14 Must-Have Kitchen Products From Xiaomi

If there is one brand that has outdone itself time and time over, it’s Xiaomi. Not just for phones and electronics, they have branched out in other niches too, offering users a range of products to choose from. For the users who like to try out new products for their home or personal use, especially for your kitchen. So we would suggest you take a look through all the best products that we have sorted out for you to check.

Keep in mind that Xiaomi is consistently upgrading its product list, adding more and more products every year. This list consists of some of the best ones you likely didn’t know of.

1. Mi Portable Juicing Cup

The Mijia portable blender-blender cup has highlights such as one-handed grip, wireless portability, and freshly squeezed juice. The Mijia portable blender-blender cup is equipped with a high-speed DC motor of 18,000 rpm. In addition, this product is equipped with a pressurized power lithium battery with a power release of 45W. The blade is a four-blade 304 stainless steel knife set, which is efficient and delicate.

It comes with 2 built-in 1300mAh lithium electronic batteries. There is a type C charging port, and it grants an autonomy of up to 12 cups when fully charged. As for the safety section, it is equipped with a double-click start function, the user must double-click the switch key to start the machine; double lock. The upper and lower alignment points are aligned and the power cannot be started if it is not aligned core protection function, battery temperature control protection, charge and discharge protection, etc.

2. Mijia Internet Smoke Stove Set

Gas stove set plus ventilated extractor hood. The whole set is designed in a very elegant matte black finish. In addition, this set is automatic which means that when we light the fire, the hood will act without the need to manually operate it.

3. Mijia Smart Multifunctional Health Pot

Xiaomi presents a smart pot. It is a kind of kettle that supports the cooking of multiple recipes. It has up to 10 power settings, which allow from slow cooking, with only 100 W, or fast cooking, using its 1000 W. This pot has multiple cooking programs, from making tea, soups, desserts. It integrates a temperature setting of between 45ºC and 85ºC to preserve the heat, and it can reach up to 12 hours of keeping this heat. You can also  control it from the Mi Home App (Chinese server).

The Mijia multifunctional health pot adopts a high-quality borosilicate glass body. The high-temperature resistance can reach 150℃. What about low-temperature resistance, it can reach up to -20℃. On the other hand, the health pot includes a thick 304 stainless steel heating plate, which comes from a British brand STRIX thermostat. The service life reaches up to 10,000 times. The Mijia smart multifunctional health pot has a built-in 45℃-85℃ nine-stop heat preservation temperature adjustment. For example, if you set the temperature at 55°C, which is suitable for your entrance, you can drink warm water whenever you lift the pot.

The Mijia smart multifunctional health pot has built-in multiple cooking programs. In addition, it individually optimizes the cooking curves of tea, milk tea, soup, desserts, and other recipes, and automatically matches the appropriate firepower and holding temperature. You can use the well-known Mijia App for remote control. Moreover, it supports the setting of heat preservation temperature and heat preservation time.

4. Mijia IH Rice Cooker 1S

We are facing a truly Chinese product, perhaps something that not every European acquires due to a different culinary aspect. It is the Mijia IH Rice Cooker, a smart rice cooker that incorporates WiFi connection . It connects to our smartphone comfortably and easily through an App. The latter  is able to differentiate between 200 types of rice with more than 2000 heating methods available to guarantee the best cooking. Inside it has a PFA powder coating on the bottom to prevent the rice from sticking. AS we mentioned it features IH electromagnetic heating pressure and uses a magnetic relief valve to control cooks. All this together with an elegant and polished design that will look great in all kitchens.

5. MIJIA Cross Four-door Refrigerator 496L

The four-door model boasts of first-class energy efficiency, independent exclusive variable temperature storage, silver ion antibacterial property and other selling points. MIJIA Cross Four-door refrigerator The 496L capacity of the MIJIA Cross Four-door refrigerator consists of two compartments, a 316L refrigerator compartment and a 162L freezer compartment. There is also an 18L independent variable greenhouse which you can easily use to separately store fruits, beverages, and meats. The refrigerator is 833mm wide and 660mm thick. It supports a 90° right-angle opening. Even if it is placed against the wall, the drawer can be pulled out directly, making it easy to fetch objects smoothly. The MIJIA Cross Four-door refrigerator 496L has four operating modes: smart, holiday, quick cooling, and quick freezing. The independent and exclusive temperature-changing cabin supports three temperature mode adjustments, and the exclusive temperature can be set according to the requirements of food storage.

6. Xiaomi KKF Tulip Sponge Glass Brush

KKF Tulip is a sponge for easy cleaning of glasses, which will be especially suitable for use in bars, cafes, and restaurants. It is also fitting for home use by connoisseurs of elite alcohol. The sponge is made in the shape of a tulip. It can penetrate deep into the glass, where a human hand cannot reach. The floating sponge head effectively cleans the glass from the inside without damaging the glass. The equipment is suitable not only for washing glasses but also for wine glasses, vases, or bottles due to the presence of a handle with a length of 24 cm. Such a grip helps you to reach even the most inaccessible places of the items to be cleaned.

7. Xiaomi Circle Joy Piggy Bottle Opener

The unusual bottle opener Xiaomi Circle Joy Piggy Bottle Opener is not only functional but also a stylish addition to the kitchen interior. Moreover, you will definitely find a place for this device with an authentic design on your desktop. The pig-shaped bottle opener will not only help you enjoy your favorite drinks but will also delight the eye. The bottle opener has dimensions of 60 x 60 x 57 mm that ensure its portability. The device is composed of stainless steel that ensures a long service life.

8. Mijia Microwave Oven

The Mijia microwave oven. It features 20L capacity, a smart app to control it, voice control via Mi AI (which won’t work for you if you don’t know Chinese), and online recipes. The dimensions of the device are 492 x 343 x 297 mm, the weight specified by the manufacturer is 12,7 kg. Xiaomi capacity Mijia microwave is up 23 liters.

The design has the same minimalist lines as the previous generation. On the front there is a digital display with a time indicator, below it there is a button that you can use to regulate the length of heating and a button to open the door. Xiaomi Mijia smart microwave achieves performance 800 W, in barbecue mode it’s up to 1000 W. The manufacturer also adds ultra fast heating mode which is able to heat all kinds of food in record time. It also has a WiFi module for programming functions. It has 26 modes of operation and 11 built-in recipes.

9. Xiaomi Mijia Smart Cooking Machine

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Cooking Machine (MPBJ001ACM) is a smart blender suitable for making juices, cocktails and other drinks. By carefully chopping vegetables and fruits, it will help enrich your diet with fiber and nutrients. Quality knives grind food completely without solids. You can also use it to crush ice. The Mijia smart cooking machine integrates multiple product functions such as juicer, soymilk, cooking machine, grinder, etc. So, it is one machine with multiple functions. We can say it is the nutrition master of the whole family. The function of this Mijia smart cooking machine is not limited to soy milk and supplementary food. You can also use it to make fruit and vegetable juice, porridge, fish soup, rib soup, etc. It also includes French soup and special meals such as milkshakes and corn juice.

The Mijia smart cooking machine adopts the classic white simple design of Mijia products as a whole. This machine also have an OLED knob. It can be rotated to select the mode. It is also equipped with appointment and cancel touch buttons. You can connect it to the Mijia App for remote control support of appointments and start cooking, and to deliver cloud recipes with one click. The volume for hot drinks is 1.2 liters, for cold drinks 1.6 liters. It can work through the “Mi Home” mobile application.

10. Xiaomi Circle Joy Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

Circle Joy Ice Cubes are the perfect replacement for usual ice cubes. Regular ice cubes do a great job of cooling as well, but they have one big disadvantage – and that is melting. The longer it takes you to finish your drink, the more they dilute it with unneeded water, therefore spoiling its taste. Cooling stones will help get rid of this problem. These stainless food-grade artificial ice cubes are capable of cooling any drink as well as usual ones but without changing the product’s taste. The stones also have an attractive appearance. Besides, this attribute is safe for health and durable, which allows its multiple uses. Circle Joy Ice Cubes will be a perfect gift for connoisseurs of elite alcohol.

11. Mi Termo 2

We see a thermos with a matte finish available in two colors: black and white. Its capacity is 480 ml, and it can maintain a temperature of 68 °C if we talk about hot liquid and 10 °C if we talk about cold liquid for 6 hours (taking into account that the ambient temperature is 20 °C). It is made of type 316 stainless steel. The upper part is a cap that can  fill the contents with the thermos, although it can also be opened to drink from it. It weighs 230 g and has dimensions of 71.5 x 65.0 x 227.5 mm.

12. Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle Pro

Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle Pro – smart kettle, capacity 1.5 l, Stainless Steel Liner, LCD screen shows current water temperature, intelligent water temperature control 40-90 °C + 100 °C, quiet operation, app control via Bluetooth. The labels on the kettle are in English.

13. Mijia Cool Black Knife Set

This is a set of professional kitchen knives from Mijia experts in parthership with Xiaomi. YYou can turn your home into a top kitchen.

14. Xiaomi Wine Bottle Opener

This Electric Opener offers an easy, energy free and fast way of opening any form of wine. The high-speed rotation achieves a 6-second open bottle speed, and the noise is lower than 60 decibels. Built-in 550mAh lithium battery ensures 70 bottles in a row at a time open capacity when fully charged. YOu can used it for various occasions and places such as home, hotel, party and so on.

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